How Can Today’s Brands Win with a Data-Driven Approach to Hyper-Personalization?

Hyper-personalization can have a significant impact on CX. This is supported by HGS Digital research on data-driven customer personalization, which shows maturing awareness of CX analytics. According to a recent HGS survey, 83% of respondents identified the need to improve personalization, while only 17% of them have the ability to provide it using data.

In in our latest ebook, “Accelerating the 360° Customer View: Data-Driven Approach to Hyper-Personalization,” we delve into the details of this analytics trend:

  • What Is Hyper-Personalization?
  • Data as Goldmine, Building a Foundation
  • Hyper-personalizing Experiences using Data Technologies
  • Case Study: Data-Driven Transformation for a Specialty Retailer

This is a must-read for brands that want to thrive—not just survive—in today’s marketplace.

    Ebook | Accelerating the 360° Customer View: Data-Driven Approach to Hyper-Personalization