Customer Experience Transformation  
  Driving Profitable Growth in a Digital Age

Digital Transformation for Contact Centers

If you can promise your customers the right answer fast every time.  You can offer them something powerful. And if you can find balance between a world-class customer experience and a way to keep costs in check even at scale. You can revolutionize the way customer service is done.

HGS commissioned Canam Research to conduct a survey of customer experience leaders to better gauge and understand the behaviours and opinions of top organizations today surrounding contact centers and the customer experience. The mission of the survey, and this accompanying report is to collect and disseminate the strategies and challenges facing top customer service leaders, and to improve the value of contact centers in companies across all industries by subjecting them to the same level of adult and evaluation that are best-practice for other departments.

Chapters Include:

–  The Omni Channel Gap
–    Analytics
–   Automation
–   Self Service
–   Outsourcing - a catalyst for digital transformation