Top Brands Are Building Customer Loyalty Online

Is your social media team protecting your brand and gaining insights from online customer feedback?

HGS EPIC™ Social Care is our online reputation management approach that supports social media oversight at large scale to build positive brand image. This unique, award-winning solution combines industry-leading platforms and artificial intelligence with strategies proven to drive exceptional outcomes for the world’s largest brands. 


HGS EPICTM Social Care is helping large global enterprises transform brand management with a unique approach to online engagement by:

  • Achieving faster response times & improved response rates
  • Using AI to filter non-actionable mentions
  • Leveraging automation to route the right mention to the right team members
  • Training agents to spot mentions that could be a crisis or damage a brand
  • Decoding the voice of the customer to inform smarter business decisions

Learn more about epic social care and how HGS has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leader in social customer experience.