Webinar: How to Get More Value from Customer Analytics

Are you measuring the right metrics to achieve your business objectives? This webinar, featuring HGS SVP of Solutions and Capabilities, Parikshit Kalra, will describe how to move from reactive data and tactical operations management to proactive data and strategic management by aligning your analytics framework to your business need.

  • Understand various stages of analytics, as well as popular tools and why they are used.
  • Connect metrics, understand what is measured, and why companies need to connect the voice of the customer to the voice of the process to the voice of the business.
  • Learn to benchmark your company’s current analytics framework.
  • Develop a practical framework to enhance, optimize, and align your current analytics practice as well as logical next steps and phases.

Thursday May 24, 2018

1:00 PM EDT


Parikshit Kalra image

Parikshit Kalra
SVP Solutions and Capabilities, HGS

Parikshit Kalra (PK) is a certified Six Sigma Master Black belt from the Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore, a COP Certified Outsourcing professional from IAOP, and is a masters graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. PK has over 17 years of experience in Business Process Management, across several geographies including the UK, North America, Jamaica, Colombia, India, China, Mexico and Canada. He manages programs and consults with clients in verticals such as retail, insurance, healthcare, mortgage, customer service, utilities, telecom, gaming, and Finance for both voice and non-voice functions.

PK has set up and managed functions such as business process transformation, migrations and consulting, operations, and business excellence. He has been is responsible for strategizing, planning, and executing business excellence and innovation practices across all pyramids including technology services, business services, and enterprise functions.

In his current role at HGS, PK leads solutions and capabilities, thought leadership, digital strategy, automation, analytics, and website self-help solutions.