White Paper
Leveraging Data to Lower Roadside Assistance Expenses

By Vishnu Rajamanickam, FreightWaves

Truck breakdowns historically have been nightmarish events involving a flurry of phone calls with drivers’ fleet supervisors and service truck companies and exhaustive logistics on the whereabouts of the breakdown events. Before digitalization came into emergency roadside assistance, the service was purely responsive. 

Today, the use of bots in roadside assistance services can help stranded drivers instantly access help — without waiting on the phone. During inclement weather conditions, trucks can break down on the highway, often causing manual service lines to not be responsive due to excess volume of assistance requests. A bot circumvents this issue as it can respond to every driver at any point in time, take down details and instantly look for service options in the vicinity. Data analytics also are a huge differentiator in the business, service companies can leverage data to provide flat pricing rates for customers who are looking for an annual service subscription. 

In this white paper, learn how bots, analytics, and a digital dispatch system can transform your emergency roadside assistance.