5 strategies for managing a contact center work at home solution

Because remote contact center workers require a different type of management style, industry leader HGS has developed a set of best-practice strategies to help ease the transition.

In this ebook, you will learn about:

  • Virtual training through video and chat innovation and investments
  • Connecting and engaging teammates across geographies
  • Amplifying communications and maintaining expectations

HGS Work@Home™ provides solutions to help during a crisis, seasonality or any business need

Implementing a 100% virtual initiative that allows employees across the globe an opportunity to work from home while maintaining HGS culture and support, while all aspects of an employee life cycle are managed virtually is the foundation of HGS Work@Home™. Flexible and creative scheduling allows for enhanced employee work-life balance but also enables HGS to meet client volume requirements during ramps/seasonality.

Covid-19 did not force HGS to create a Work@Home program, however it did validate that the mature HGS program could scale at speed effectively!

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