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Data-Driven Approach to Hyper-Personalize Customer Experience

What You'll Learn

Many organizations struggle to get the 360-degree picture of their customers needed to make hyper-personalization a reality. Some face issues in predicting customer demand and service requests, while others are unable to join up the dots on the omnichannel journey. So where do the answers lie?

In this webinar:

    • Learn how businesses are using big data, customer data platforms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive a better customer experience.
    • Listen to a case study of how a US specialty retailer is transforming its business from intuition-based decisions to data-driven decisions.
    • Understand how, by building the right data infrastructure, bringing process changes, and implementing the right set of technologies, organizations can hyper-personalize customer experience across multiple channels.

About The Speaker

Venu Gooty
Head, Data Driven Intelligence Practice

As the practice lead for data driven intelligence practice, Venu Gooty focuses on bringing together data & business needs to deliver valuable & actionable insights. With over 15 years of technology & business consulting experience, he has worked with many mid and large enterprise customers to provide C-level executives, solutions to their business problems using data & technology. His team implements complex data, analytical & AI/ML engagements that brings immense value to businesses on their journey to take data-driven decisions.

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