Creating HGS EPIC™ Social Media Customer Service

Need to Scale Your Social Media Customer Service?

Epic social customer care means creating memorable experiences and lasting impressions that help build brand affinity and loyalty. The goal is that these positive experiences get shared, liked, and commented on by others, broadening brand awareness and building a positive reputation. 

But how do you create a quality customer experience on social media when volume is overwhelming and resources are limited?

This new ebook tells you everything you need to know to:


  • Achieve fast response times
  • Use artificial intelligence to weed out non-actionable posts
  • Use automation to route the right posts to the right team members
  • Train agents to spot a post that is a brand crisis waiting to happen
  • Tap into the creative brand voice
  • Decode the voice of the customer in the social media space


    Ebook | Creating HGS EPIC™ Social Media Customer Service


    “A Gartner study found that companies that ignore support requests on social media see an average churn rate 15% higher than companies that respond to requests.”