The Journey to Resilience
Trust, Promises, and the Importance of the Customer Experience (CX) in Insurance

In business resilience, the CX takes center stage

JD Power has noted that “As customers take greater control of their insurance policies, it’s also becoming more important for insurers to offer superior digital experiences and easy access to account management features such as bill pay, policy information and an integrated experience for customers who bundle multiple policies....One of the reasons direct models are posting higher satisfaction scores is because the CX is centralized in the organization and therefore more consistently executed.”  

Insurance organizations enable their customers to live life confidently, maximize financial and physical health, and improve personal resilience. The irony is that, while insurance policies are designed to help people weather the storms of life, the insurers themselves are bracing for operational tornadoes. The industry is undergoing incredible change — change that challenges longstanding processes, philosophies, technologies, and workforce dynamics. 

In this eBook, you will learn:

- How to gaining a competitve edge through the customer journey
- Capturing attention and making insurance purchases pain-free
- Delivering on promises and ensuring billing integrity  
- Responding to issues, rebuilding trust, and retaining customers 
- How to improve the CX and increase resilience