The Top 10 Customer Experience Trends of 2020

As we enter into another decade, it is helpful to reflect upon how the customer experience industry has evolved and where the industry is headed. There’s no doubt, priorities have shifted to providing effortless and memorable customer experiences. However, companies must still find the perfect balance between enabling great CX, while working within the competing corporate priorities for time, attention and capital.

As the CX industry undergoes tremendous change, particularly in the area of technology and innovation, brands, outsourcers, and technology partners are all working hard to find ways to drive transformation, amazing CX, and efficiency in the contact center. 

Some of the key trends summarized in this white paper include: 

  • Customer Data Platforms & Journey Analytics for a 360 Degree View
  • AI & Automation for Live Advisor Support
  • BPOs Rethink Business Models
  • Rise of the Flexible Workforce and Gig Economy
  • … and much more!

The contents of this document would not be possible without the generous support of our participating brands, analysts, and consultants who contributed their insights and feedback into the areas of contact center operations, challenges, and strategic priorities for 2020. We truly appreciate the expertise and experiences shared by this year’s panel of industry experts.