How can today's brands win with the help of a contact center?

How does HFS Research define a “A Digital Customer Experience Thought Leader” and how does HGS rank?

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Independent analyst firm HFS Research recently interviewed 300 users of customer engagement services. The result is a comprehensive study and benchmark of 23 top providers.

  • Is your provider agile and responsive enough to meet your ongoing and continuous improvement needs?
  • Are they able to intelligently innovate to meet your needs along the consumer journey? 

The “HFS Top 10 Front Office Customer Engagement Operations Services 2019” Report enables you to:

  • Study the latest customer service trends.
  • Understand the evaluation methodology.
  • Learn about HGS’s strengths and development opportunities from independent analysts.

    “HGS has taken a strong thought leadership approach to the customer engagement challenge of finding the right balance between automation, self service and traditional interactions. HGS's investment in developing its DigiCX™ capability and messaging to address this challenge seems to be resonating with customers, as evidenced by its #3 placement in our Voice of the Customer rankings.”

     Melissa O'Brien, HFS Research