How to design an effective customer self-service portal

Learn the right way to build, implement and optimize a self-service option for customers – as well as some of the ways it can go wrong.

Key topics include:

  • What does a customer self-service portal look like?
  • Does your brand need a self-service portal?
  • Considerations for building a self-service portal

HGS and self-service solutions

The way a self service portal is built and optimized will always depend on your brand, customers, and their needs. There are some tips and tricks to keep in mind such as using data in the design phase, focusing on user experience, guiding customers to the best channel, measuring resolution and more.

HGS has developed, built, optimized and deployed self-service strategies and offerings for dozens of brands in a variety of industries, and we know good UI/UX design and customer journeys inside and out. We use innovative tools like automation, AI and data analytics to base our design and recommendations on data and customer insights, not gut instinct or educated guesses.

Awards & accreditations

HGS has received ample recognition and ratings for the transformational self-service experiences we’ve offered our 200+ clients across 10 industries.

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