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Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are just a few of the ways businesses are starting to communicate with customers in apps they’re already using.

    Learn more about how to make the most of these newer channels to create a seamless customer experience that improves CSAT and retention.

    • Overview of messaging apps
    • Tips for getting started
    • Strategies for optimizing service in this channel
    • Advice on integrating chatbots and humans in your messaging strategy

Mandeep Kwatra
Vice President Global Solutions & CX Strategy Leader for HGS

Mandeep is Global Solutions and Capabilities leader with HGS and also manages the CX strategy design for HGS clients. He is a CX professional with over 16 years of contact center operations, management, and transformation experience. He has worked with some of the leading global brands helping them transform their CX delivery by leveraging technology, people, and process elements.

Mandeep is known to focus on how to reduce customer effort and deliver value in customer interactions for his clients and their end customers. His articles on CX transformation and importance of understanding CX for business growth have been featured by SOCAP and other online publications.

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